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Florida Resurrection House is a
not-for-profit 501(c)3 operating since 1987. We assist homeless and working poor families with children to recover stability, achieve self-sufficiency, and break the cycle of poverty.


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   Helping Families Help Themselves

Resurrection House Programs

Resurrection House provides programs in 7 areas:

Case Management enables program participants to plan for success and to implement that plan. Each participant develops a personal plan to become self-sufficient and productive by establishing specific goals and creating an individualized action plan to accomplish those goals. Goals always include making and following a budget, saving for the future (and emergencies), and reducing debt. The plan’s progress is monitored by the case manager weekly.

Counseling empowers each family to tackle their unique set of issues so that they can fully integrate into society and lead fulfilling lives. Individual and group counseling are available. Partnerships with community mental health agencies offer families the convenience of in-home, private sessions. Convenience and dignity are afforded to those who have known little of either.

Life Skill Classes teach clients “how to learn,” in addition to helping them master basic skills that they have not had an opportunity to learn. Training includes: money management (budgeting and saving), job search, job interviewing, ability to take direction, ability to respond to supervision, health care and nutrition, better English, computer skills, parenting, stress management, physical fitness, the difference between assertiveness and aggression, apartment maintenance, time management, and on-the-job training. Core Classes are conducted weekly. Resurrection House provides ongoing guidance with career choices, financial assistance and training. In addition, special counseling is available as needed.

Childhood Education and Enrichment includes learning and literacy which are critical to leading a successful, productive life. The ability to research and assimilate new information, as well as problem solving, are skills that children need to grasp early in life. These skills require consistent reinforcement and practice so that they become the life-long habits that result in celebratory lives. Resurrection House provides the following programs:

  • Tutoring for school-age children, provided by qualified volunteers twice a week;


  • Reading Programs for pre-school children, staffed by community volunteers and offered weekly;


Transitional Housing for Program Participants enables clients to focus on imple-menting their plan to lead successful productive lives by providing a safe and secure living environment. To be eligible for Resurrection House’s transitional housing, homeless and working poor families (with minor children) have to meet both of these criteria: they must have made the commitment to work hard to achieve permanent changes in their lives, and; they must actively participate in Resurrection House Programs.

Community Outreach and Education promotes understanding of: the causes of homelessness and the effect on our community; the importance of appropriate proactive strategies and solutions to prevent homelessness, and; the availability and coordination of programs for the homeless and working poor.

Spiritual Development – faith plays a critical role in attaining a balanced and healthy life. Resurrection House regularly holds non-denominational, spiritual journey classes for adult participants. About 9 times yearly, Tampa Bay area churches are invited to hold Sunday afternoon services in the beautiful, onsite chapel. Following the service, Resurrection House residents serve a covered dish dinner to thank the community.


Florida Resurrection House, Inc.
800 Eleventh Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33705-1256

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