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Florida Resurrection House is a
not-for-profit 501(c)3 operating since 1987. We assist homeless and working poor families with children to recover stability, achieve self-sufficiency, and break the cycle of poverty.


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   Helping Families Help Themselves

Volunteer Opportunities

Man has three friends on whose company he relies. First, wealth which goes with him only while good fortune lasts. Second, his relatives; they go only as far as the grave, leave him there. The third friend, his good deeds, go with him beyond the grave.

The Talmud


Download Volunteer Application and Information Sheet

Cub Scout Pack 236 Den #9 paints our picnic tables back to original luster


Resurrection House Auxiliary
 prepares Easter bins for the families
in our lovely chapel.

It’s always time to help heal, rebuild, restore, and renew lives devastated by poverty, hopelessness, and despair. Please be a part of the solution for our families.

Resurrection House operates on a very tight budget with a staff of only four people. You can be a valuable resource for us and our families and truly make a difference!

We are  a  "beehive  of activity,” particularly on weekends, with volunteer groups coming on campus to offer services and hold parties/events for our families.

Keswick Christian School renews our landscape with fresh flowers.

There are several ways to support Resurrection House in its mission of Helping Families Help Themselves. Below are some suggestions. Please take a moment to ask yourself how you can help.

I want to help, but I don’t have much spare time to commit.

What can I do?

DONATE - Click this link to help restore lives by becoming a financial supporter of The Florida Resurrection House, Inc. Remember, we receive no government support and rely on the community to ensure our success.

I like meeting new people, am good at organizing, and have the time to join other talented women in an effort to support Resurrection House.

What can I do?

Join the Resurrection House Auxiliary. An amazing group of women whose mission is to support our program spiritually, through projects and fund-raising.

We are a local business and want to give back to our community in some way.

What can we do?

Please consider underwriting our newsletter once a year (we will advertise your business!) Also, there are sponsorship opportunities for events, in-kind services you may be able to provide, and skills you can teach our families. Give us a call!

I am seeking ways to offer my time and talent.

What can I do?

Various individuals and groups are engaged in projects throughout the year. Let’s talk about it! Download Volunteer Application and Information Sheet

We are a local organization looking for a project that gives to the community.

What can we do?

Groups are welcome to plan and implement a campus project such as a butterfly garden, patio, pergola, reading corner, or a party for the families. We are open to ideas.




Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” After spending 26 years working fulltime in a successful banking career, Cathy Faulkner decided it was time to move her life’s focus from success in the workplace to something more significant. Cathy served on the Board of Directors for Resurrection House over five years ago. However, due to work and family responsibilities, she had to discontinue her involvement. Last year, she made the decision to change jobs, which gave her the time that she wanted to devote to community service. Returning to Resurrection House was the perfect fit, where she could help women who were striving to balance career and family – something she has done for 20 years. “I wanted the opportunity to share my faith and to share the many life skills I have learned and felt were necessary for a balanced home life and successful career”.

Now back on the Resurrection House Board, Cathy chairs the Adult Education and Life Skills program, where she organizes and schedules all of the weekly life skills classes the adult participants are required to attend. These classes range from income tax basics to etiquette. Further, she leads the Journey in Faith class. This class is a book study about women in the Bible. They discuss scripture, the similarities and differences of women now and in biblical times, and the struggles and victories all women experience. “This amazing opportunity has brought me face to face with the participants and made me even more aware of the miracles occurring each day in the Resurrection House. It is a blessing for me to be a part of such a dynamic organization.”

Thank you Cathy.


Download Volunteer Application and Information Sheet

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Florida Resurrection House, Inc.
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